Typesetting, layout design

Typesetting, layout design

Typesetting, layout design

Companies and organizations frequently have to prepare various materials – such as brochures, product catalogues, user manuals and instructions – that are supplemented with color pictures, charts, drawings and other graphical elements and are intended for printing. As there is a growing demand for receiving translation and desktop publishing services all at one place, Fast Translation offers customers this possibility.

  •  Typesetting comprises adjustment of the text’s appearance, such as the text and background colors, fonts, and other characteristics – something that is particularly important when observing brand guidelines and corporate standards.
  • Layout design is the final stage of preparing the translated material – laying out the text and visual elements in accordance with the client’s desires.

Our designers work with the latest software and achieve outstanding results, so we are able to offer all kinds of custom graphical solutions. Fast Translation prepares the materials and submits them for printing after the client’s approval. The collaboration of the proofreader and the designer ensures complete verification of the translated document, eliminating the possibility of misprints or technical errors.

Fast Translation works with the following software: MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, etc.

We accept orders in any format. Clients may submit printed documents or materials on a floppy disk, CD or flash drive. The finished work can also be returned in the most convenient format for you, including any drawings, tables or copies.

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