Translation rates

Translation rates

Translation rates

Fast Translation provides an individual approach to each customer, always offering quality services at affordable prices.

Translation price calculator

To determine the price of a translation, please use our price calculator:

  • The calculator will give you an idea of translation prices in the most popular language pairs: Latvian, English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, and German.
  • A price offer does not create any obligations and is provided only for informative purposes.
  • The price is estimated based on two rate groups. The standard rate is applied to simple and moderately complex text, while materials requiring special expertise are subject to a higher rate.
  • Please note: the minimum volume is 1 page (1800 characters with spaces). For regular clients: 1000 characters (text exceeding 1000 characters shall be considered a full page).
  • Translation prices are usually based on the source text volume.

Standard translation

On average, we translate up to 10 pages of text per 24 hours, depending on the language pair and complexity. Translations not exceeding this volume are delivered to the client on the next working day.

Express translation

There are sometimes cases where a translation is needed “yesterday”. Fast Translation can provide urgent translations within a few hours.

On average, we guarantee translation of up to 7 pages within 12 hours. The price in this case is calculated in accordance with the express/urgent translation rates.

For large-volume translations, we calculate the price individually and agree on acceptable timeframes with the client.

Take advantage of the opportunity to conclude a cooperation agreement with us – we offer a 5% discount to regular clients, as well as a volume discount up to 20%.

Pricing of other services

The pricing of layout design and interpretation services is based on an hourly rate.

Find out the level of complexity of your text and the pricing of the services you need by contacting a project manager at [email protected].