Fast Translation understands the importance of oral communication in the modern business environment. Cooperation with foreign partners in both the private and public sector is significantly increasing, so, in order to ensure successful negotiations, it is important to be able to adapt not only to linguistic, but also cultural differences.

Interpretation is the conveyance of a spoken message from one language to another. An interpreter works in direct contact with the speaker and the audience. Considering the growing demand for interpretation and the public nature of this service, it is very important to select a reliable provider. The professional skills and knowledge of our team allow us to offer a full range of interpretation services. We understand the importance of communication, and are able to adapt to any situation and undertake new challenges.

Our interpreters have excellent experience and references, particularly in the most popular language pairs: Latvian – Russian, Latvian – English, and English – Russian.

Interpretation is traditionally divided into two main types:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous

Fast Translation offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services.

Consecutive interpreting is very widespread, and is mostly used for negotiations, presentations, press conferences, seminars, and various corporate events. The interpretation is rendered during the speaker’s pauses.

Simultaneous interpreting means rendering the interpretation during the speaker’s speech. It can be used for conferences or meetings to ensure proceedings in multiple languages at the same time. This type of service can be provided only by experienced and highly skilled interpreters.

When choosing interpretation services, it is recommended to submit also any available supplementary materials, presentations, prepared speeches or other text in order to achieve the best result.

If necessary, Fast Translation also provides technical support – equipment for simultaneous interpreting, microphones, headphones, and booths.

To find out the prices of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services, please contact us.