About us



Fast Translation provides high-quality translations in more than 30 languages, a large variety of language pairs, and various fields. We specialize in technical, legal, and business-related translations. These specialties have been honed over the course of several years by constantly following the latest developments and working with only the best language specialists, translators and industry professionals on the market. If you do business in these fields, Fast Translation invites you to experience the outstanding quality of our translations, attested by many thousands of translated pages, as well as many loyal and satisfied clients.

Technical translation

To ensure a smooth flow of international science and technology projects, technology exchange, and trade, high-quality technical translations are a must.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience and knowledge, which allow us to perform technical translations of any difficulty level, from manuals to scientific literature.

We can provide translation of:

• User manuals

• Safety instructions

• Specifications

• Equipment catalogues

• Scientific and technical literature

• Other technical and specialized documentation

Translation of business documents

International integration of companies and entry into new markets creates demand for translation of business documents.

Our agency provides translations in fields such as economics, management, finance, and banking.

We can provide translation of:

• Annual reports and financial statements

• Auditor’s reports

• Insurance policies

• Financial guarantees

• Revenue service notices

• Customs declarations

• Waybills and invoices

• Materials related to marketing, management, trading, insurance, etc.

Legal translation

Competent legal translation is integral to success in any area of business.

Three main criteria must be observed for legal translation:

  •     legal education of the translator;
  •     professional language knowledge;
  •     experience in the relevant area.

These are the requirements that we set for our translators.

Fast Translation works with professional freelance translators skilled in areas such as the criminal law, civil law, commercial law, copyrights, etc.

Other translation areas in which we specialize:

  •     Medicine
  •     Advertising, communications, PR
  •     Transport
  •     Computer hardware and software
  •     Science
  •     Agriculture
  •     …and more